Chris Meyns



Philosophy desperately needs event codes of conduct

Codes of conduct offer an easy way to help organisers avoid foul-ups by hosting transphobes, alt-right celebrities or serial harassers. Recent events in philosophy bring out that, yes, also the dryer echelons of the academy could use a code of conduct.


Too Much Biography in Feminist History of Philosophy?

Adding biographical details to scholarship on early modern women philosophers damages their prospects of making it into the canon, argue Gordon-Roth and Kendrick (2019). But does it?


Dutch Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy 2018 (#DSEMP18) Report

The history of philosophy has seen some significant shake-up in recent years. Here's what happened at the Dutch Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy 2018.


Women Philosophers Get No Agency: Elisabeth of Bohemia

Essay on agency and women in philosophy


Why Don’t Philosophers Talk About Slavery?

Essay asking why philosophers have been silent on slavery in the history of their field